Challenge #02773-G216: Vent Words

(Unabashedly based on my grandmother and her go to "curse word")

H - "Crab apples, pineapples, and sauerkraut!"

A - "... I think my translator is broken. I got an offensensitivity warning on what you just said, but I think you just listed foods?"

H - "You shouldn't curse... It is rude." -- SilverRey

Humans are bizarre. This is acknowledged. Some Humans just happen to be more bizarre than others. For example: Most cogniscent species acknowledge the need for stresser/expressive words to articulate anger, frustration, or otherwise vent the stronger emotions in a safer manner than destruction of self, property, or others.

It is also known that some Humans find such expressive words beyond rude to repeat. The alternative expressions have become... inventive.

"Oh, cucumbers!" Human Jone shouted following a loud clang. "Radish rutabaga pie! Baby hippos!"

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