Good Morning! It's Day Zero!

...for the fourth freaking time in a row.

It's been one case a day for four days after the initial three were discovered. We're watching the numbers and Chaos returns to school if, by the end of the week, there have been less than three cases in three days. If there have been more than three cases in three days during the week, Chaos stays at home.

Frikkin covidiots...

Victoria has entered into severe quarantine and the exact people who've caused this level of problem are also the exact people kicking up about the severe quarantine. If you put up with it for four weeks, there wouldn't be a problem. Deesh.

If you don't want to wear a mask, stay the frik home. Sigh.

The longer we kick up against quarantine measures, the more quarantine measures we will need. Do. The. Fucking. MATH.

This is what makes Australia a "cautionary tale" for everyone else. Gah.

People in Victoria are crying about this being a disaster and honestly... you shat in your own bed over there. Either clean it up or put up with the stink.

Focussing on my work now. I don't know if I'm going to write anything in KOSBOB but I can certainly try. 100 words or more, depending on my writing mood in this time of crisis.

Honestly? I'd rather be playing Factorio or Minecraft or watching mindless entertainment all day.