Challenge #02763-G206: Makes Sense?

A: Why everyone is releasing stress hormones?

B: oh, it's just turbulence -- Anon Guest

Humans are unfathomable. Sil had been seated near this one since Faranaway Station, a process involving a lot of stops and hazards, and at least two journeys through Hyperspace. Now that they were on their destination planet, the Human Qin was exhibiting high levels of stress.

Sil checked. They still had the same destination area in their itinerary. "What is the matter? Why are you exuding stress hormones now?"

"I hate flying," said Human Qin. "I feel so unsafe up there." This of course was a typical display of Human illogic that Sil had previously believed to be a hypothetical example of such.

Sil had to ask. "You were much further from safe ground and in a more dangerous means of transit mere hours ago. Why is this method feeling more dangerous for you?"

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