Day One! At last!

Queensland's being smart and taking no shit, and big anti-shocker, we're back to zero new cases.

Victoria continues to battle with things like... policing illegal gatherings put on by the kind of people who are used to using money to skate away from consequences. They seem to have a lot of them down there.

Also in the news:

  • Muppet mocks Victoria for following the lead set by his own astroturf campaign to re-open businesses way too early to avert another outbreak
  • Bloke fined >$1.6K for playing Pokemon Go in the Melbourne CBD
  • Doctors insist that masks be made mandatory in Victoria and NSW
  • Karen Squad insists that this is a violation of their human rights
  • The continuing escalation of the clusterfuck in a quarantine hotel continues to be revealed
  • Outbreak of the plague linked to Manchester United star holding illegal party in a bad case of Chronic Headsmack Syndrome

Sneezin' and Wheezin' Season is kicking my butt and I'm dosing myself a second time in a month because there is some clinker in my bronchii that won't firkin shift. Blargh. I hate the Bad Air Days.

Still, things are looking a bit better today, at least locally.