Good Friday

I have learned that the absolute worst time to go shopping for Erastide Chocolate is the day before Good Friday. The shops are not restocking that BS.

I didn't get anyone outside the home any chocolate. I hope the surrounding family forgives me, but I had limited time and I had to see to my family first.

My masks' filter is only good for an hour and a half, so my Plague-specific protection routine goes:

  1. Start timer that's set for 1 hour 20 minutes
  2. Don mask
  3. Leave bubble
  4. Go about business as quickly as possible
  5. Return with spoils
  6. Remove mask
  7. Stop timer.

I carry a bunch of spare filters with me so I can change it if the time is less than half an hour. I've learned that, if I hurry, I can get my objectives and get back to the bubble [aka the car] in about half an hour. In that kind of rush... things have to be left out.

It's okay, though. Most of the people I know shouldn't have sugar anyway. When and if the panic buying ends, I shall create for them an entire loaf of sourdough as a semi-apology and hope that flies.

I didn't even look for flour, yesterday. I consider it a minor miracle that I was able to lay my hands on the normal stock of TP and paper towels. I also consider it good that the pasta is returning to capistrano to the shelves. Maybe people are finally calming the fuck down.

This week, I recognised that nobody wants my Sourdough Harvest Experiments but me, so I only added a minimal number of things to the harvest and fried it in coconut oil. Documented recipe up in my foodie blog soon enough to now.

Today's PLN includes dealing with the excessive amounts of veg we now own, possibly in combination with the salmon steaks that I also bought home for today. One way or another. It also includes your usual daily tale.

In Plague news, the number of new cases is declining, which means that something is working. When I stopped in at Spotlight, about half the customers there were wearing homemade masks, and many of them were there with plans to make some. We all know the masks are not there to protect us, but rather to protect others. This is good news. People are doing everything they can to help others out and that gives me hope.

There's still purchasing limits on TP, paper towels, tissues, pasta, and possibly flour. You know I didn't even look for flour. I have at least enough to last a couple of weeks if I focus solely on keeping my sourdough starters alive. The last thing the world at large needs is me panic-buying shit just because it's there.

There's a video going around of what looks like three craft going around the moon. It's definitely faked, but such a realistic-looking job that some people aren't buying the fakeyness. Cue the next set of tinfoil-hat conspiracy theories. I added my own flavour to the thing.

It's already the afternoon and I haven't done anything constructive. Let's go fix that real quick.