Challenge #02648-G091: United We...

It was played across the entire galactic alliance. On the emergency frequency on every ship it was picked up. For many it was a slight annoyance but for the humans they riled in pain an old memory of the collective mind. The med teams across the alliance didn’t know what to do since it affected the humans on the team as well. The frequency was picked up by a group of translators realizing it was an ancient language the humans spoke. Within a matter of minutes they got a message they can read, “Never gonna give you up”. -- Anon Guest

It was Human music, and it somehow hurt Humans. A broadcast boosted by unknown technologies across all of Alliance space. Through every speaker, into every screen. A mixture of synthesizers and drum machine. A young Human in a ridiculous pompadour gyrates on the screens that show the transmission.'

All Humans know what it is, instantly. The reactions vary, but most of them center in outrage. Some scream. Some cry. Some flee. Many attempt to block their senses from the onslaught. Every Human, all across the Alliance, was incapacitated, but only for a moment.

Companions across the Alliance were baffled for the handful of minutes, running translators on the transmission, monitoring it, attempting to trace it to its source.

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