Challenge #02647-G090: Re-inventing the Love

Love is gracious, love is kind, love is forgiving, love can turn you insane as easily it is made in a lab. -- Anon Guest

Love. Love is strange. -- Terran Folk Song, Pre-Shattering.

Too many people have attempted to define love. The problem, of course, is that there are many, many kinds. Familial, fraternal, passionate, platonic, friendly, true, unrequited... the list goes on and on. Love does many things to the mind, especially to Humans, who start out as borderline insane.

Humans kill for love. Humans will kill the one they purport to love. Humans will certainly die for love, with their culturally-ingrained virtue of self-sacrifice for the greater good. There isn't a good Human parent who would not lay down their life for their child.

What many Humans fail to understand, however, is the difference between love and obsession. Love, in essence, wants the best things to happen to that which is loved. Obsession wishes only to possess that which is allegedly loved.

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