Friday, Unfuckening and PLNs

The Catio needs cleansing, there's a small mountain of dishwashing to do. There's absolute mountains of clothing and such. If I can do at least one round each of dishwashing and clothing, it might give Beloved a little bit of a break.

She was literally up all night, poor darling.

We have a LOT of stuff. We have a LOT of bills.

Three figures for my meds. Three figures for the cat. Three figures for all the cabinets and storage spaces we need for all the firkin clothes we have now.

All on hold because OTHER stuff is getting in the way. But I also need my meds. So that budgetary black hole is going first.


I also have to go to the quack, today. Which means I should turn up in clothing suitable for public viewing.

Best to post my tale and get on with that.