Challenge #03449-I161: What a Mix-up!

A person who recently joined Pax Humanis is a chemistry expert, a poisoner. But also uses their chemistry knowledge, and their lab, to make antidotes for poisons. A great combo to save a life of someone who was poisoned, while still taking out a target who was found to be a slave-trader trying to kidnap Alliance Citizens. -- Anon Guest

A common mistake in the Edge Territories is thinking that the Diminished Responsibility bracelets and anklets are there strictly to tell people that those wearing them are in need of help through their everyday life. They're also there to let Security know when and if a wearer has entered dangerous territory.

Space is not safe. Neither are the habitats within. Dangers acceptable for a trained adult are never acceptable for the small or vulnerable.

Another little-known fact about the Diminished Responsibility jewelry is that those who wear them are not always helpless. This band of space pirates has made the mistake of picking on the wrong educational transit vehicle.

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