Friday, Theoretical Organisation

I have cleaned the Catio and commenced making The Bikkie as of writing these words.

I did not get around to set dressing, yesterday. I spent all my minutes on making certain all the tunnels were where they were meant to be. I may yet record some Dumb DM tips on the next map. We shall see if I have the knack down.

Or I might do the next map. It seems like it might be easier.

Level 16B is on a freaking METEOR and I have to draw SPACE on the map. I might have to twiddle and fiddle to do that.

I think I may be glad to get back to tunnels and labyrinths.

ANYway. I aim to do some set dressing this time as well as the usual daily offering and daily efforts.

I might even get stuff done before the Bikkie is ready.

Let's go.