Challenge #03729-J076: Forced Adoption Strategy

A young hunter, nervous and jumpy, was out in the woods with their new crossbow. At the rustling, they suddenly let a bolt loose and almost hit Gikka. They apologize profusely for the accident. -- The New Guy

"Ohmygosh, ohmygoodness, ohno! Are you hurt? Is anyone hurt?" Vance Randosca tumbled over the brambles and into the path where the travellers were all readying for combat. "Nobody told me there was a hair trigger on this thing, I swear. Is everyone all right?"

He found himself face-to-faces with an Elven Wizard, a Kobold Rogue, a Hellkin Warlock and a Human Fighter. It was almost a cliche. The arrow had buried its tip harmlessly in the path, right between the Kobold's toes. Vance wisely put down the crossbow and showed his empty hands to the group. "I didn't mean any harm. I was... I was trying to find a Dire Wolf that's been going after the kids in my village. I heard a noise and..." He plucked the bolt out of the ground. "...and I missed a squirrel."

"You're like five," said the Fighter.

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