Friday. Loaf time.

We were almost out of bread, the last of the extant sourdough had gone the way of all mortal things. Mould. Dang. Then this morning, at what I affectionately call "f-off o'clock", I was woken by the delicate clanging of my measuring cups.

Turns out, my Beloved was making kit bread. On the very eve of the day that I would be making more sourdough. They're doing it to use up the kit bread supplies, including the dry yeast we have lying around.

I'm letting them get away with it.

Their bread turned out fine, by the way, despite the fact that the yeast packet was left open for who-knows-how-long.

I know all the secrets of my sourdough so I know my loaves will turn out magnificent.

Sweden's had a massive amount of Covid-19, there's people who have it and never know about it until tests show them. All it takes is one long-term consequence and half the freaking world is going to die.

We started this year with Australia being on fire. Now the USA is on fire in metaphor, since it looks like the entire world is tired of the USA's racist bullshit. Including most of the former supporters of said racist bullshit. They can't pretend, any longer, that it was the victims' fault.

They're watching, live on TV, that the police have been the biggest escalators of violence and property damage in this conflict.

Of course, the Muppet's Fascist Dictator Handbook includes and instruction that reads, "Hide in bunker," and that's exactly what he did before using the army to clear the streets so he could pose with a bible in front of a church. Like that's all that matters.

We're watching the USA eat itself live on international news feeds. In the middle of a pandemic that was poorly handled from the get-go.

Do the side of justice a favour and search YouTube for "how to help black lives matter when you have no money". Turn off your ad blocker, pick one. Let it play all the way through with your volume at 50% minimum. Like, then comment. You can watch anything else you like for a while and do it again[but don't pick the same video]. This will send money to the cause most worthy. I do this three times a day, and I regret that I don't have that much time for the cause.

Every little bit helps.

I don't have money to spare, but I can give my time.

You may not have money to spare, but there is time. Use your time well. Spend your time on other people, and that's an investment towards a better tomorrow.