Challenge #02703-G146: Gathering For Time

A human with a fascination with the history and preparation of toxic plants for food is caught in a survival situation, on a death world filled with toxic plants, with a group of havenworlders who require simple sugars. With a scanner, personal knowledge of ancient human techniques for purging toxins from potential foodstuffs to make them edible, and a time limit based on the amount of prepackaged food that survived the crash, this scholar has to find a way to process certain death into edibility.

Bonus points if the human has to or chooses to eat incompletely prepared food in order to give more packaged safety to the havenworlders and winds up sick enough to be miserable, but not too sick to gather, pound, dry, crush, soak, and boil things. -- Anon Guest

There are three Havenworlders and me. Stuck on this planet with little in the way of stored food, and a molecular disassembler/printer that is beyond anyone's ability to repair. My fuzzies are doing their best, but I know it's a lost cause. Good news, there's scanners that still work. Bad news, the batteries are fifty percent borked and they take five-ever to charge. I have a rotating system that will do.

Should have sprung for an extreme livesuit. That one would have had its own molecular disassembler/printer and none of this would have been an issue. But I didn't because it would have put me in debt, so now we're stuck.

Hi. I'm an idiot, and I have to science the living flakk out of a landing zone that's mostly toxic and mostly broken tools. Good news - the emergency beacon works. Bad news - it's still going to be months before help arrives. We've all got enough ration packs to last maybe three weeks if we try to stretch it. That means I have three weeks to sort something out. No Last Lie Bee Ess. Actual all survive situation.

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