Friday (Day Zero)

Two new cases, according to the Queensland government. No details on the site I use about how when or why. I will likely find out from MeMum at a later interval.

I'm skimming the headlines, and apparently some Emus are dying of bird flu. Bad for Australia all around.

A returned traveller in Quarantine is suffering because asthma plus dust mite allergy plus a lack of balconies. I sympathise. She's definitely not a Karen, because she's been gracious to the people responsible for the pickle. I hope she at least gets a window she can open.

I just found out via osmosis that the two new cases are sourced. One in hotel quarantine, and another one linked to Wacol prison. The thing to do is follow @AnnastaciaMP on twitter for the hot goss on the bad germ.


I have my starter harvest frying, I have only the barest essentials running on my compy. I have PLNs to unfuck the house and finally glue those nose pieces into the masks I'm making and perhaps do a little of the sewing up.

I am behind in all things.

That's still not going to stop me from faffing about before it reaches Bus O'Clock.