Challenge #02788-G231: A Pearl in the Mire

That moment where one goes to soothe a fussy baby and finds a surprise handful of bare bottom. -- Someone's Mum

[AN: Worse is a handful of messy bottom. Been there, done that, had to disinfect all on sundry for an entire hour]

Long before Wraithvine met Thief, later renamed as Chrysanthemum and Anthe for short, Wraithvine stole a baby. Technically. It's not theft if the article in question has already been thrown away.

The child in question was a paradox in evidence. New to the world, perhaps a handful of days old. Apparently originally wrapped in a quilt just big enough to hold an infant. Yet also lying on the town midden like refuse. They were pearl-white in skin, dark of hair, very upset, and quite clearly a Tiefling.

The tail's always a dead give-away. It lashed back and forth as the baby wailed and, since no-one else was coming to this particular town's midden, Wraithvine braved other people's mess to pick the child up.

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