Challenge #02787-G230: A Necessary Education

All of the Top Schools, get 'problem students', some get rid of the fast. Our Lady of Purity embraced them. -- Anon Guest

[AN: Throwback to this thing in case you were wondering]

Somewhere in the known universe, there is a paradise. Nothing sharp exists there. The weather is always balmy and pleasant. The sands are soft on the beaches, and the shells are always pretty. Somewhere, sweet water flows and the air is full of birdsong. This is not that place. It is, in fact, almost the exact opposite.

Rioting in the streets, buildings on fire, exploding, or in the process of collapse. Screaming and terror. Some survivors dragging the injured to a place of better respite. Grown men run in terror from a tiny little girl who is currently sucking her thumb as she surveys the latest example of pyromania with satisfaction.

A select group of students from Our Lady of Purity Preparatory School for Young Ladies of Distinction have done for this place. They are not done with it yet. After all, Planetary Takeovers are just one possible merit badge. There's also Rebuilding Society. These girls aim to collect.

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