Friday - Day One at Last!

Woo! Now I know there's going to be ten-ish days before the protests in Brisbane spark an outbreak, but I am still celebrating the small victories. One day without anyone on the Karen Squad stirring shit. That's a win.

Not winning today:

  • Woman escapes quarantine in Spain while infected to go to the beach. She also dropped her kid off at school. Way to go, Karen. This is why we can't have nice things
  • Sweden's alleged "success" with the virus cost them fifty-eight hundred lives, and has put so many uncounted more in the ranks of the long haulers
  • Muppet spends eight hundred million dollars on advertising for his re-election and so far it doesn't seem to be effective

The eight cases yesterday has Beloved concerned that we're in the eye of the storm. I'm inclined to agree, but small victories, damnit. Small victories.

Speaking of small victories, I have begun the process of two more sourdough buttloafs. I still have four hourly botherings to do, but I shall have fresh bread by the evening.

Also, I technically beat Satisfactory last night. I'm still going to go in and make sure there's a factory for everything, and then go and find every single Mercer Sphere and S-loop thingy on what there is of the planet. Then I'm going to make a walkway to the big mountain and see what I can see from up there. If the game will let me. Same for building ramps down the bottomless pits, to be honest.

Befriend all the lizard-doggos!