Challenge #02801-G244: Not as Advertised

A havenworld has heard about the big- dangerous, helpful humans for generations. About a year before they manage to actually make contact, they manage to get their first written-word, non-hearsay written texts on humans. Unfortunately, they don't understand fiction and have never heard of superhero comic books. -- Anon Guest

Human artifacts travel further and faster than the Humans themselves. Some things are just easier to move around in small spaces. Useful Deathworlders also often reach other species before the Humans do. But it's always the material goods that get there first.

Consider sequential art. Pictures tell stories. Some only need one picture to do it. The masterclass never need words, because many images are universal. Some create different narratives, depending on the viewers, but that is what art is good at.

Now consider comic books. Art is a universal language amongst those with eyes to see. Pictures create writing. Comics use both. They tell stories for those who can only read in short bursts at a time. Comics reach into places where even dogs do not. Many of the less violent ones even reach Havenworlds. Of course, the definitions of 'less violent' vary.

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