Friday - Day One and Bread

I'm making bread so that there's an oversupply and I will be free to nom on a household loaf whenever.

Alongside the PLNs to make bread, there's household unfuckening and the usual writing to do.

Over this week, I have been writing a guide to Whitekeep, the point of Origin for my Tiefling dude. Loads upon loads of worldbuilding into one solid document.

...which I believe may be finished, but I'm not certain. I need people to check it before I send it to my DM. And they really need to know I've been doing some worldbuilding while the game's been on hiatus.

In the news:

  • Muppet on the election: "Biden has to be cheating, because I cheated as hard as I could and I'm still losing." 9_9
  • Amazing how the Repugnicans want every vote counted when they're losing
  • Victoria easing restrictions again
  • TIL (1) Rhode Island is a state, (2) Its actual name is "Rhode Island and Providence Plantations", only, (3) Not any more, as the citizens have voted to remove the pointing finger at the history of slavery
  • Sydney bar worker stabbed for unreported reasons/excuses
  • One bloke defrauds the "Back to Work" grants and will be used as the "what if they're all doing it" example by the right wing 9_9
  • Adelaide man mistaken for a drug dealer was bashed and had his spouse threatened. I wonder if it would make the news if it was actually the drug dealer
  • China's sabre-rattling includes threatening to stop trade, ScoMo has an opinion
  • Kanye West, who went for the Presidency too late to be on the ticket, said "lol just kidding" and backed out, is now spitting the dummy about not winning? WAT
  • TikTok wants to adopt Barron Trump without any evidence to their claims about him
  • Idiots with guns threatened a vote counting center to the point where the reporter and crew there had to come up with an exit plan. No joke
  • Protestors everywhere fill the streets because close election. I predict riots
  • US gets one hundred thousand cases in one day
  • Teen marries 90YO dementia patient for the money she'll get by 30
  • One woman on this planet claims she likes being treated as an object. She will now be used as the "what if they all secretly..." example by incels everywhere. Thanks, Karen
  • If the Muppet wins, that could kill international travel. Well, dur. Of course. You can't ignore the plague away
  • Of course hotel quarantine doesn't have facilities for the neurodiverse or the disabled. The media's on the side of "the poor mother" without spending very much time on "the poor kid" 9_9
  • Tesla was apparently "a month away" from bankruptcy while making the Model 3
  • Thousands of anxious voters are liveblogging their watching of the US election results on Twitter
  • Mysterious signal detected in space is a star and not aliens. Boo
  • Banks cut interest on home loans in Aus
  • Billionaire deemed unsuitable for association with casino giants
  • Children's home arts and farts kits recalled because hazardous contents
  • Uncertainty in the stock market means bad things for wine?

I've had a good morning. I poured the exact amount of water needed for my bread today, and I got the bikkie done already [I'll cut it after I'm done blogging] and my only hope is that I can get my proofing basket liners CLEAN before I need them. Last wash left them with some... icky residue that I can only hope has soaked off.

Otherwise, I'll be using the ol' reliable non-fluffy tea towels for the proofing.

Here's hoping for better days.