Friday- Day Four

It's the end of the week and it's looking like we might actually accomplish up to a week free of the plague. Fingers crossed in hope.

In the news:

  • If you can't scrabble together $2K in an emergency, then you're officially living hand-to-mouth and that is bad
  • I have that amount in various scrimpings, but they're already ear-marked to prevent emergencies that cost more than $2k, but if one explodes after the other, I'm screwed
  • Virologist goes to court to declare that there's "no evidence" the curfew did anything to contain Victoria's second wave, despite this being the one thing that actually kept the Karen Squad away from their shenanigans. I call bullshit
  • Fresh evidence proves that the clusterfuck of a presidential debate is 100% the Muppet's fault
  • The "Surrey Puma" has been caught on camera in Eastbourne, Sussex. It's a feral cat the size of a great dane
  • Just like the Yatla Panther, apparently
  • The hail already brought in thanks to La Nina is only the beginning. It's going to get worse to the point of 2012 floods or worse
  • Host of presidential debate says he has never encountered anything like that debate

There are definitely going to be mutable mics on the next one. The only way to control a grownup toddler is enforced Quiet Time. Calling it now - the Muppet is going to cross the floor to reach an active mic and keep yelling. Most unprofessional.

Auspost is hiring more workers. Yay. Nice to know someone is a job creator out there.

Today, I've fed my starters and "the bikkie" needed cream and coconut milk, so it's longer in cooking this morning. The PLN today is house unfuckening and stories and all.

Here's to up to three more days of plague-free existence.