Challenge #02823-G266: Please Don't -- Anon Guest

[An: Watch this. This is two people playing a piece written for an ENTIRE ORCHESTRA on glasses of water. There is an actual instrument called a glass harp and it looks really as weird as you might expect. It works on the same principal as the glasses but I think it's only a recent invention]

Humans will make music out of anything do not tell them they can't. They will remix the celestial frequencies to form a symphony from the stars if they want to. They seek out any chance to create rhythm and melody. They will sing along with the machinery surrounding them. They will invent words to fit.

That said, it's not always as epic as it sounds. Humans can do such things, but that doesn't mean that they always succeed. For the record, never allow a Human who is not a Nae'Hyn attempt to 'tune' the gravy drive. No, not even if they 'hung out' with the Nae'Hyn for a passage of time and 'picked up a few things'. The true horror of the Wreck of the Zanzibar is a topic for another day.

The topic for today is Human Jof, who has tested the properties of moistened fingers on the rim of his drinking vessel and grinned when a note came out. Companion Grusk noticed and said, "No..." in a warning tone by pure reflex.

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