Saturday - Day Zero

Darnit. Two more cases from overseas and detected in quarantine.

Semi-joyous news. The Muppet has apparently contracted the plague. If true, then I believe in Kharma even harder. His action - or rather, inaction - has actually been the chief factor in the chain of events that resulted in his repeated exposure and possible infection.

That said, it's entirely possible that this is one of his dodgy manipulative strategies to make the "libtards" look bad.

  1. Tweet screenshots of the people who have lost family, friends, workmates etc. celebrating his comeuppance
  2. Play the victim like a virtuoso
  3. Generate rage that so many people would celebrate the ill health of one man, whilst simultaneously not giving a shit about the two hundred THOUSAND who have died already
  4. Take the high ground like a true weasel

Whilst I do have heart-warming thoughts about this stain on the underwear of humanity having to face the real fear inherent in having a brand-new chronic illness in the USA1 whilst looking down the double barrels of his own demise... And whilst I also can NOT wish this venal, grasping, power-hungry IDIOT any shade of well...

I do wish an epiphany on him.

I have had a couple of those and I guarantee that they are the double-edge of painful and beneficial whilst also re-shaping your entire life past that crux.

It's the best I can do. It would take a real saint to forgive that man the evil he's done and I am no saint.

It's my birthday tomorrow and my plns are not extravagant.

Today, I'm eating ice cream, noodles and any other nonsense I can, and writing a story. Later, I shall be crash hunting with Beloved in Satisfactory.

Tomorrow - cake.

  1. I mean, come on. What's NOT poetic justice about him facing down heinous medical debt that he caused by gutting Obamacare?