Friday, Day 0, Digging a bunker...

There's EIGHT firkin new cases, all from overseas, and the total depends on who you're asking. Forty-eight in Premier Palaszczuk's twitter, Thirty-nine if you're looking at the government website. Either way, I'm e-shopping for bunker options in case it turns into the zombie apocalypse.

Kidding. The closest I get to leaving my house is going out to eliminate weeds in the yard. I personally pulled up enough goatweed and cobblers' pegs1 to clear access to the shed for the landbarge. Yay. We're going to have to put in a proper miniramp and not rely on sod because we have seen what sod does.

The bus is due now. I'll be back with the news.

What news there is:

  • Public transit in Sydney areas cancelled as torrential rain slams the east coast
  • 14YO arrested after stabbing someone in front of witnesses
  • QLD MP names five men who sexually abused her
  • Depp appeals ruling that named him a wife beater
  • Some dipshit cut into a pregnant mother to steal her baby and killed the mother
  • Claims against social network star rise from the mire
  • It's time for Her Majesty's opinion on Harry
  • Husband criticised wife's weight gain with gift of small dress, wife criticises husband's peen with gift of large condoms. Honestly, it's lucky he didn't get a divorce
  • EU regulator says AstraZeneca vax is safe and effective amidst hail of reactions
  • Partygoers mock the Haka. Backlash ensues
  • Woman with a weirdly long finger goes viral

I have already made The Bikkie, seen Chaos off to school, and regretted yesterday's workout [the weeds btw]. Accomplish!

And now... some fiction.

  1. Alternately named pee-the-bed and devil horns respectively. Other names welcome because I love this nonsense.