Challenge #02989-H066: One Somber Free Time in the Soft Corner

A: I thought this was your dedicated study time?

B: brain is too full of sad to fit any more information right now... -- Anon Guest

It was easy to tell when Human Jori was having a bad day. They were magnetically attracted to the Soft Corner, and burrowed in. Not to sleep, but to be comfortable and, if truly stressed, entertain themselves with simple things meant for children.

Jori was deep in the beanbags, burrowed under the weighted blanket, and watching Tinky Funkerbeans in Fairyland on hir datareader[1]. The theme tune was unmistakable, as were the eye-bleeding colours that leaked out of the gaps in Jori's fortress of softness.

Companion Gesh crouched by Jori's head, visible only as a tuft of amber-dyed hair. "Is this not your hours of learning? Are you not feeling well?"

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