Challenge #02990-H067: To Ease Dreams

Try petting a sleepy human, you may be surprised how they react

Going by my household, that reaction can be anything from screaming and flailing to rolling over, hugging you, and purring. -- Anon Guest(s)

[AN: This was in two posts by as many as two Nonnies, so I added the option for a plural]

Companion Hyekk read and re-read the helpful hint in the Companion's Guide to Bonding With Your Human, and considered what he knew of Human Gof. Not merely a wild Human from the Edge and beyond, but also very likely a Deregger escapee. On the rare occasions that Gof opened up about their past, the horror of their birthplace was present in almost every word.

Gof did not give out enough details to trace them back to a precise point of origin, but there was enough there to make everyone around them want to keep them far, far away from that particular gravity well. They were a light sleeper at best and experienced frequent interruptions to their slumber. Their sleep schedule was in a permanent revision state.

That advice, at a minimum, seemed like a terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad idea. Human Gof was a bundle of nerves at the best of times and interrupting the precious moments when they were actually sleeping sounded like the worst kind of treachery. Nevertheless, as Hyekk watched over their new Human, he was tempted to run his talons through that soft fluff the Human had covering their head.

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