Saturday, Day 0, Shenanigans

There's nine new cases. NINE. Fifty-eight active cases. Only nine of them are chilling outside a hospital. Yikes on bikes going on hikes.

Despite my inclinations to buy a bunker at this point, we have a scavenger hunt today. Digging up or obtaining the things necessary for Chaos' planned two-day jaunt in the wilds of the Aussie bush. There's a lot of stuff. Fortunately we have some of it from Mayhem's days in the Scouts [all five of them lol] but there's probably other stuff we need to get.

Things getting expen$ive out here :P

In the news:

  • Large areas of Sydney are underwater
  • Meghan Markle could be Prince Charles' downfall
  • Footage of Biden falling over as he enters Air Force One
  • Triplets orphaned by the plague
  • Facebook crashed
  • Dude causes controversy by stating the truth - twirls are flakes with an extra layer of chocolate
  • Oscars ceremony decides against video links this year
  • Hasbro updates Monopoly. Resulting outrage in five...
  • Photos of men's accomodations for basketball tournament versus women's sparks outrage
  • Biden calls Kamala "President Harris" in a slip of the tongue

Let's post some fiction.