I don't have enough flour to be confident about making bread, but Mayhem is taking up the slack by using all my bread mix to make bread according to the instructions. He's loving it.

I like the fact that none of this bread mix is going to waste. Mayhem is making bread to be proud of, even though I can't eat it.

I've blended my harvests together this morning and made some ENORMOUS sourdough frisbees. When Chaos gets back to school, I'll have to figure out bikkie-sized ones she can take some to school. I think calling them 'frisbees' is definitely the way forward.

Mayhem gave me a wonderful phrase this morning, during our extended bullshit session as I made frisbees. Its, "making mountains out of mole-ecules" and it is gorgeous. Keep an eye out for it appearing in a random fiction of mine henceforth.

The Muppet is declaring victory and scattering around backpats for himself in every other sentence. In spite of clear evidence to the contrary. As long as he says it on the news, it has to be real. I guess.

Australia is gearing up to ease off on the restrictions so that businesses can flourish [one of which includes the return of Polly Waffles from extinction. I may have pulled an Earth-is-healing gag somewhere on my social media.

I mean, I kind of had to.

I'm bracing for the inevitable second wave over here. Stuff's going to get worse, and it's going to get worse in areas where the administration prioritises business above people. The areas most rife with plague have always be the ones flaunting social distancing rules.

In combo with the news that people can get re-infected, it's looking like the plague is here to stay. Fun for me, because persistent lung issues thanks to yet another slice of idiocy from the US mercantile department [long story short: USA sold defective pertussis vaccines to Aus. I now have chronic bronchial asthma] and I do not need pneumonia as a persistent threat in my life.

It's been super slow this morning because frisbees and cleaning, so I should get on with the story for today.

May I write faster so I have more time for myself.