Challenge #02668-G111: A Study in Humour

Jokes can sometimes lead into a battle of wits. While normal jokes can be represented as a straight kick or punch, puns act as the roundhouse or the hooks or uppercuts. All can be block if they known or prepare. But there’s one genre of joke many dub as “distasteful”. Dark humour, a sucker punch, illegal moves to some. It is not the jokes themselves are funny it’s is the reactions of those in the receiving end which make the jokester burst with laughter. To some dark humour is like food, some don’t get it. -- Anon Guest

Laughter is universal. Comedy is not. -- A reminder on the Galactic Traveller's Essential Information FAQ.

There's a reason why slapstick is reserved for trained professionals. The root of this is in how vastly different varying cultures' ideas of physical comedy are. Slap a person with a fish, and an Englishman laughs. Collapse the bed under the amorous couple, and a Frenchman laughs. Blow up the outhouse, and an Australian laughs. That's just the Terrans.

Physical comedy has to be aimed.

Verbal comedy has its ups and downs, as some species are more literal than others, and a well-thought-out set-up joke requires way too much preparation to pull off in a pack-bonding situation. This leaves pranks, which are not appreciated in pack-bonding situations. By the time pranks become appropriate, the pack-bonding is mostly done.

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