Getting a Groove

This morning, I over-estimated my harvest and cut up twice as many olives and mushrooms as usual. Nothing was wasted, though. I added them to a quick two-egg scramble, added cheese, and called it an omelette.

Of course, miss Chaos got half of everything, but she didn't want the omelette. Meh. I thought it was tasty enough. Whatever.

I think, this Friday, I will only be making savoury pancakes. The bread flour starter is still getting healthy and I think another week of daily feedings outside the fridge will put it up to snuff.

I also need to find a honkin' big plastic bag to rest my doughs in when I put them in the fridge. That's got to be a thing. I have some roasting bags... maybe one of those could work. With pegs instead of the supplied twisty ties.

That remains to be seen.

However, the sourdough experiments have results. I have been eating sourdough breads for a month or more and, apart from really rude knuckles, I have no swelling or other nastiness associated with eating too many carbs. It's the other side of Sneezin' and Wheezin' Season and I haven't needed the nebuliser any more than the Keto-new-normal of two per season.

I don't have any swelling or puffyness that I get with regular carbs, so sourdough is my jam. I already have plans to send a loaf to someone as soon as I have a regular supply of flour. We might be bringing back barter. Who can tell?

In the news, the US is claiming that a drug developed for Ebola can "block" the plague and help those stricken with it 31% faster. I'm waiting for research that isn't financially motivated, what with the combined hydroxychloroquine and injected disinfectant fiascos. The US is so desperate for anything to bring the economy back that they'll go for anything. Even if it does actually work, they'll be crowing about how it's a "cure" in less than a day, regardless of how inaccurate that is.

I mean, they're already crowing about how their (in)actions regarding the plague were super effective and successful, for reals you guys... anyway, my mom says I'm pretty and handsome and clever so ner.

That's the Repugnican playbook. Deny, Delay, Distract, Decamp if possible, and then Declare victory in spite of the evidence.

The four D's. I was joking when I wrote it at first, but the more time passes, the more chilling it gets. Makes it hard to keep carrying on.

Miss Chaos had an existential crisis involving how nothing she does matters in the long term, so I adapted Sir Pterry's, "Here and now, you are alive," bit from Small Gods. I have to remember those words.

Here and now, I am alive. Here and now, I matter to those around me. Here and now, I can choose. I choose to do the good things, and continue doing them, because here and now they matter.

Here and now... someone loves you. Keep existing, keep persisting - if not for you, then for them.

We've got this. Let's go.