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Friday, On Point for a Change

I have cleaned the catio before I sat down to write. I am keeping my temptation to play Dyson Sphere Program at bay until I have at least done the mandatory output.

Last time I tried fixing a map, the app crashed. I try again today.

I also aim to feed my starters, summarise a chapter, and tag a week of fic.

There will be Bikkie.

Tomorrow promises to be interesting, as the morning is full of Parkrun and the evening is full of TTRPG. I have to squeeze tomorrow's tale into some rare hour in between that.

Stay tuned to see how well that goes.

Fingers crossed, I remain nice and organised henceforth.


I don't have enough flour to be confident about making bread, but Mayhem is taking up the slack by using all my bread mix to make bread according to the instructions. He's loving it.

I like the fact that none of this bread mix is going to waste. Mayhem is making bread to be proud of, even though I can't eat it.

I've blended my harvests together this morning and made some ENORMOUS sourdough frisbees. When Chaos gets back to school, I'll

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Cake-like Object, Experiment #1

Followers of this blog will know that I've been making this bread with added linseeds for my intestinal health. It works pretty well in my humble opinion, but it is something of a brick and nobody else in the family will touch it.

I had been pondering how to turn it into a cake-like object, but not doing much about it.

However, Chaos has been battling internal blockages and since she won't touch my bread, I had to get into making that

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Christmas eve!

We've done all our shopping (I hope!) and got all our things for the glorious morrow.

And as an extra bonus, this Yule happens on a weekend, so I don't need to worry about my novel's word count. And I really don't need to worry about an Instant, either, since it's my day off.

And I especially don't need to worry about the gap between the Instant count and the days of the year... because of all the double prompts I've been

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