Day Two and it's More Fuckshit

Science has discovered that the plague can hang around in the air in small doses, but it's unknown as to whether that's enough to infect someone. So far, the chain of circumstance is looking a bit convoluted for me to be very alarmed. Nevertheless, it does explain the Superspreader incidents.


  • Protests in South Korea have resulted in a spike in cases
  • More tears for tourism
  • NSW at under ten new cases per day
  • Covid-19 has a metallic taste according to one poor sod who's been sick with it for months
  • "LongHauler" has become a hashtag

If everywhere did what New Zealand did, we wouldn't have to be dealing with this nonsense. The plague would be GONE. The problem, of course, being that if it's done NOW - every economy is going to take a gut punch. It'll ruin lots of things. All because the sane move wasn't done Immediately.


Hindsight is 2020...