Checklist and Progress

My day so far:

  • [X] Kids off to school
  • [X] Money grabbed
  • [X] Learned I can 'float' down stairs after about fifteen years of not being able to do so (Hooray for Keto!)
  • [X] Washing up gathered in one linear sprawl, ready for processing
  • [X] Nearing the end of a pretty epic fanfic

What I've still got to do:

  • [ ] Clean the firkin house
  • [ ] Arrange a dinner
  • [ ] Cook 'special' vegetables for Mayhem
  • [ ] Blast scheduling
  • [ ] Instant story
  • [ ] 500 words in Clockwork Souls
  • [ ] Edge further towards the words The End in said epic fanfic
  • [ ] Start new epic fanfic (optional)

I got three to pick from, including excerpts, over in my Ideas File. Anyone who follows that link can comment on my shit in there. The excerpts begin on page 2 and finish on page 9. Vote now. Vote often.

And now: Some explanations.

'Floating' down stairs is a little move I figured out in Uni and haven't been able to do for a large hunk of time because (a) I was heavy, (b) I was constantly exhausted, and (c) my knees firkin hurt.

The process of doing so is hard to explain. But I'll try anyway.

  1. Descend the stairs using only the balls of your feet
  2. Now do that by putting those balls on the very edge of the step
  3. Now do it without jiggling your weight around
  4. Now do it faster.
  5. Take your hand off of the hand-rail.

Grats. You're 'floating' down stairs. I'm still working on my speed, but I'm getting there. 45YO's can't be expected to outpace a young 20-something on their first few goes.

As for Mayhem's special vegetables...

  1. Mayhem will eat no veggie other than carrots.
  2. This will not pass.
  3. So I'm going to sneaky-chef him some of the important stuff and see how quickly he firkin notices.

And he's on record as saying he'll accept chicken salad with kale in it. So that's one 'yay' for the team. Now all I have to do is be able to afford a near-infinite supply of chicken salad.