Challenge #01940-E116: Mama Done Tole Me

a world that's basically space America but taken to its logical extreme and becoming a redneck paradise -- Anon Guest

[AN: Trying not to go to Greater Deregulation here]

There are the Few, but we don't go near the likes of them. We are the Many. We look after our own. We make do with what we got. We earn what we can, and we got our pride. Every now and again, the Few come along and try to tell us what t' do, but we ain't never paid no attention to it. They go away if'n we wait long enough.

The Few ain't no trouble. It's the Revinu that are the trouble. They're the ones that steal our young men. The fit ones, of course. Take 'em away to their secret bases and turn ours into them. Everyone knows the story of how Li'l Billy got took, and nobody heard hide nor hair of him for years. And then one day he turned up in Revinu armour. His gramma recognised him. Tried to tell him off for attacking his family.

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