Challenge #01940-E116: Pax Princeps

My son now has a five year old daughter. He referred to her as 'Princess' and I had to tease him. "What are her duties as a Princess? Does she negotiate treaties between her dolls and her teddy bears? Does she preside over public events? Does she have any input on new legislation?"

It backfired. Now she DOES negotiate treaties among her stuffed critters. -- Bard2DBone

Most little girls like to play Princess. Most little girls do so by wearing sparkly, frou-frou dresses and lots of plastic jewellery. Tia was not one of those kids. She played Princess in other ways.

First, she negotiated peace between the Littlest Pet Shop and Polly Pocket. Then, she made a treaty between the plastic dinosaurs and the matchbox cars that were hers because her brothers had forgotten they owned them. For her next step up, she negotiated dessert rights and rules between the kids and her parents. Older siblings, younger siblings, and the conditions upon visitation.

Then, for her ultimate feat of negotiation, she began working on a truce between her eldest siblings and the little ones. Which was a tough one, because it required intermediaries (mom and dad) and a written treaty that everyone could abide by as soon as they could understand it.

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