One down...

The entry for Warp and Weft has been stricken from my copious Ideas File [anyone can comment, and I'm starting to believe that adding a linkie to my ever-growing menu might be a help] because I'm nearing what I feel to be a natural end to the tale.

Even though Warp and Weft has a potential for sequels.

The lure of some of my other ideas has already started to call me away. As those who have followed the link up there will know. I have three potential parts for these ficcies already.

Shiny ideas are soooo shiny.

Today's PLNs include lamb chops with a plethora of veggies for the rest of us and plain ole carrot soup for Mayhem. Because all he'll eat are carrots and he doesn't want to chew.

Chaos has run out of Cauli Cakes, so I have an excuse to get extra cauliflower and do more of those.

AND I have a shrink appointment today. AND I really should put my Patreon stuff up as well.

It's a busy time for me. Fingers crossed I get it all done.

[And I have already made more money from trading on the internet than I have to date selling my books on Smashwords. Le Sigh]