Challenge #03645-I357: The Scars Unseen

They were of Pax Humanis, due to their love of making people who hurt the innocent pay in blood, but had severe PTSD. Their night terrors were such they had stopped sleeping with a knife nearby, lest they do themselves harm, much less anyone else. Fortunately, they have a close friend to try to help them through these terrors, so they can get on with the business of living, and saving other lives. -- DaniAndShali

[AN: PTSD is not an automatic ticket to being dangerous. I hope I convey that here]

Viij woke up in the haha again, aiming a stick like a rifle over the embankment as if they were back in the trench. The rain and the thunder provided the answer as to why they were there.

Dwight, their light, was catching them up. The rustle of the big raincoat heralded her arrival, as did the steady patter of rain on the even bigger brolly.

"Can you see me?" said Dwight, draping the raincoat over Viij. "I want you to tell me about five trees that aren't good concealment."

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