Saturday, Crimbo Eve

So. We're picking up a friendo to go to the only Parkrun open in the Brisbane-ish area on Crimbo Eve, this morning. Which means a launch from our place at 5:30 AM

Parkrun and the aftermath usually takes until Noonish.
After which, we shall drop friendo off at their place, head back to our place so Beloved can get a move on with the last-minute details, and then I harry off to fetch MeMum since she prefers to stay over to avoid the absolute worst of Crimbo traffic.

Fun times.

What this means for you, my dear readers, is that there may not be a writing stream AT ALL today. There definitely won't be one tomorrow.

I shall make all of that, and Fic o' the Week, up whenever possible with a subsequent Twoferfest.

And somehow, in all of this, I am finding snippets of time to write bits into the professional version of A Devil's Tale. Wheeee...

I am going to need a LOT of caffeine.