Challenge #03246-H337: Weirdness in Abundance

What if... MA is the Chosen One, and due to poor Kevin being so damn unlucky, Wraithvine accidentally pinged HIM as the one when it was his mother all this time? And that's why she was able to all but teleport the young Goblin into her arms before Wraithvine, or the kid, knew what happened? That Kevin, poor kid, is just along for the ride and, maybe, part of that quest is to cure him of the stain of bad luck that could end up wrecking the young man's future prospects? -- Anon Guest

Wraithvine despised prophesied heroes. Especially when ze was prophesied to be a part of the team. So far, ze had a hero with a bow that was also a casting focus, his mother, and a Goblin thief adopted into the impromptu family. Now renamed Venin.


Kevin's luck only seemed to work when it was needed and, on more than one occasion, with his mother's approval. Ma Oxbrydl didn't approve of very much. The people she approved of ended up with a multicoloured coat.

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