Thursday, Day 0, Dentist

Plague News: Six new cases, all imports. There's fifty total active cases, with twenty-eight of those in hospital. Australia's at 93.5% first vax, 89% fully vaxxed. Queensland's still doddling along in last place with WA at 88.8% first vax, and 82.6% fully vaxxed.

I have a dental appointment today and I know damn well I've been neglecting my teeth.

I have to get on my arse about looking after myself. Maybe enlist Beloved to help me stay on task for that.

D&D is paused for three weeks. The week before Crimbolio, the week of Crimbolio, and the week after Crimbolio. Because those are busy busy times.

We'll be back at our usual nerditry come January, for sure. Maybe earlier than I anticipated.

For the rest of today, I take a break, I enjoy myself, and otherwise have a chill time.

And write more Koshdelia because I am obsessed.

In the news:

  • Surprise, surprise, opening up causes more plague cases
  • Randy Andy tries to throw out rape lawsuit, "She was of age when I had sex with her and anyway I didn't have sex with her." Stay classy
  • WHO tries to warn the world against Omicron
  • Stepdad texts daughter of murdered mum
  • Princess Mary caught the plague
  • Criminal charges for Pauline Hanson staffer
  • Internet body-shames pregnant woman
  • China and US to butt heads

Story now. Panic later.