Challenge #03239-H330: What a Magnificent Change

How did the CRC respond when he handed over everything he owned, everything he had, even himself, to the CRC, openly apologized, and offered to face the consequences of his past? And how do his people react to know that he has learned the error of his ways, and wants to undo the harm he had done? -- Anon Guest

All it had taken was one bigger shark, and one chain of chance to make a subjective saint into a sinner. It had taken that much to open his eyes to the active and actual truth. For instance, the reason why avarice is one of the deadlier sins in most doctrines.

Recovering from the sin of not knowing all the Sharky ways, and finding the kindness of strangers stunningly simple. Howell Troyus IV needed, and those down at the bottom shared what little they had to spare.

There's always room for improvement, said a stranger. So Howell... improved. He deliberately sought out the Cogniscent Rights Committee and turned himself in. Replete with residual holdings and a semi-coherent report of what the bigger shark had done to him.

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