Wednesday, Day 0, Wordpress

Plague news: One new case, a local transmission. There's thirty-nine total active cases, thirty-three of those are in hospital. Australia's at 93% first vax, 88% fully vaxxed. Queensland's still roughly tied for last place in the vax race with 87.5% first vax, 79% fully vaxxed.

I have some ranting to do in Wordpress this week, and I may go off about conspiracy theories and how to disarm them. Either with "so you agree" or with "that's what they want you to think". I can't disarm all of them, but I can certainly erode some of them that way.

There has to be ways to twist --ist people out of their doublethink. Pity I'm not that great at think-twisting. I can at least try though.

In the news:

  • RBA warns home buyers to not buy. Housing bubble about to implode
  • Star announces his baby died
  • Some shitheel did a murder suicide after being caught out with a fake vaccine card. Stay classy
  • Once again trans sportspeople cause outrage by existing. Either get rid of gendered sports or have a third category for trans people
  • Queensland says hospitals can't accept donor orgains unless the donor's been fully vaxxed, antivaxxers go nuts claiming they won't be donors then, everyone else steps up to be donors. End result - more donors than ever
  • Australia changing its mind about Crypto
  • Hospitality businesses offering huge perks. Maybe make sure the customers don't treat them like shit?
  • Chinese rover finds mystery object on lunar surface. We'll see what it really is in 2-4 months. Calling it now, it's someone else's space junk
  • Android apps could be spying on you, check your permissions

Sigh. Onwards with my nonsense.