Thursday, Day 0, Shenanigans!

Plague Diary: Two new cases, both imports. There's forty-one total active cases, thirty-four of those are in hospital. Australia's at 93% first vax, and 88.5% fully vaxxed. Queensland's still tied for last with WA at 87.7% first vax, 79.6% fully vaxed. TAZMANIA has hit >95% first vax. Good onyer Tazzie!

I have to round up Pippi for vaccine later on today. Fortunately, Pip is easy to catch. Easier than Jolie, anyway.

I aim to get one chamber a day at minimum for the labyrinthine mess that is level 4 of this damn dungeon :P I will get there, and there's "only" twenty-four sections of this darn thing.

Hahaha. Only. Hahaha.

I plan to continue ever onwards with my Koshdelia nonsense. I may yet get Trello up so I can plot how to turn this into a novel. Neat little tricks like telling Kosh's story backwards and Cordelia's forwards - up to a certain point. Where adventures happen in betwixt, depending on POV, et cetera.

I have all sorts of characters for this and I may yet get onto the actual Koshdelia novel after I finish the Kingdom of Sand trilogy.

...even though I swore I would focus on editing my extant works, next year. Whoops. Plotbunny got me by the neck.

In the news:

  • Home snaps of Maxwell and Epstein surface to humanise the pedophiles/pedophile enablers. Yay
  • Our deputy PM tests positive for the plague whilst visiting the US
  • John Goodman lost weight
  • Raid confiscates potentially deadly kiddies' toys
  • Pope says men can have affairs because it's not that great a sin. As long as he keeps impregnating his wife, I guess...
  • Boss hands young employee some right-wing copypasta about "real life", causes parental upset
  • WHO says Omicron "no worse" than other variants. Forgive me if I restrain my enthusiasm about that
  • Facebook sued for fuelling genocide

See this? This is why I prefer fantasy.