Challenge #03226-H317: Those Who Cut It

A new cooking school opens up that is considered one of the hardest schools of that type to be in. Where almost all classes were like competitions and the instructors were very strict. Even to become a student, one had to sign a waiver stating that they knew they could be dropped from the program at any moment if their scores in the classes got too low. Still, for those that graduated, they were considered among some of the best chefs in the galaxy! -- Lessons

Education in an interesting field in the Alliance. Some classrooms are designed with an atmosphere of peace and calm. Some teachers will do anything to get the lesson through to their students. Many build on a basework of understanding. One insists on perfection above all else.

In order to get in, one has to demonstrate a certain level of skill. One has to be able to tell one kind of knife from another, and have a working knowledge of food safety ingrained into one's soul. Even chicken soup has its high stakes. Those who arrive with hair nets and sneeze guards already donned have a mark in their favour.

Welcome to Ramsey's School of Culinary Excellence. In signing up, you recognise that you may not make it all the way through.

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