Thursday, Day 0, Cat

Plague news: one new case, an import. There's three total active cases, all of them are in hospital. Australia's at 91.8% first vax, 85.8% fully vaxxed. Queensland's at 85% first vax, 74.5% fully vaxed.

The ACT is already at maximum capacity. NSW is gaining on that, with Victoria and Tasmania close behind. Next up are South Australia and the Northern Territory... with WA and Qld in last places.

In a few short minutes, I pack up Jolie and head off to deliver her to the vet's. Then I find out about payment for nonsense.

If I write anything today, it's a bonus. Anxiety makes my brain do static noise.

This makes me officially broke off my arse. I will recover, but I am firkin BROKE because cat. Yay.

In the news:

  • Three white racists who murdered a black jogger were found guilty in the USA. Amazing
  • 33 people took an inflatable dingy across the channel and died when it flipped
  • More rain for Australia's East coast
  • Double standards emerge in regards to cricket star's sexting
  • Plastic in the Marianas Trench
  • Couple had sex in a cop car
  • Tim Tam McFlurry
  • More restrictions on the Unvaxxed

And now - storytime for you. Panic time for me.