Friday, Day 0, Floods?

Plague news: Three new cases, all imports. There's five total active cases, two of those are in hospital. Australia's at 91.9% first vax, 86% fully vaxxed. Queensland is still second last in the race to get everyone jabbed, with 85.6% first vax, and 74.9% fully vaxxed.

Meanwhile, Clive Palmer, late of the Clive Palmer party for by and about Clive Palmer, has taken out an add that's just video of his anti-vax-mandate speech to a bunch of similarly-minded people.

BTW it's called the United Australia Party now. This from the state that wants to secede.

There's a lot of rain, so my PLNs to go visit MeMum for her birthmas may be called off because fucking floods.

It's Friday, so I have starters to feed, a catbox to clean, and more dungeons to furnish/build so I have a sandbox for my players to play in. This upcoming module is so huge, I think each floor will have its own chaos table.

For those following the kitty drama, Jolie is safely back home and has just forgiven me enough to allow me pats and scritches.

When I GET there.

In the news:

  • Professor calls Pedos "Minor-Attracted Persons", agrees to resign
  • A new Plague variant has dropped. Variant B 1.1529 has an incredibly high amount of spike mutations. AND of course it spreads faster and is even deadlier than all the other variants. This is humanity's own doing, and not Botswana's fault
  • Victoria still has an active case count in four figures
  • Man stops car theft in the nude
  • Chinese spy ships in Aussie waters
  • Texas woman mauled to death by her dogs. They're just sweethearts, really...

I post story now. I get on with other nonsense. I maybe write more things.