Challenge #03113-H204: Proof in the Party

Our comments gave me an idea!

Companion Gann carefully wrote the scientific paper after several months of reading up on Humans' relationship with water. He brought the report to his people with the shocking, incredible, revelation that Humans were, in fact, mammals that were semi-amphibious by their very nature! The scientific community in his world was in an uproar, many hotly debating it and demanding proof. Huge pools of clean water were set that were quite deep, safeties were placed, just in case, and Humans, a lot of them, were invited. The request was simple "Prove that humans are semiamphibious by their very adaptations," Which, to the humans, signals one thing! Pool party! The species wants proof of humans being adapted to survive land and water? Then the humans were going to be happy to oblige, and bring snacks! -- DaniAndShali

"...guys, this is Companion Gann and he has a little song to sing for you," Aura was grinning like a maniac as they pulled in their alien friend. "He lost a bet."

Gann was a cogniscent species new to the Alliance, a Saiginid. In the cam feed, he was mostly nose with strong undercurrents of exasperation. "Yes-I-have-a-song-to-sing," he grated, one hundred percent reluctance. To the tune of Yankee Doodle Dandy, he sang, "I'm a diddle daddle dum-mins... herp de derp de derp de dooo..." Then broke free proclaiming, "That is it! I did not vow to do the arm gestures!"

Aura laughed as they let him escape. "It's okay. My man Gann has a scientific paper to write and Humanity has a point to prove to the Saiginid. Gann's organising an empirical proof for a bunch of fellow xenobiologists who also believe that you can have amphibians, or mammals, but you can't have amphibious mammals. So invite as many friends and family as you like, we're throwing a scientific pool party on Aarenuk Three. Woo!" There was other business, but that was the chief portent of doom.

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