Thursday, Day 0, Energy Rationing

Plague news: Nineteen new cases, seventeen local, two imports. One HUNDRED total active cases, fifty-nine of those are in hospital and one's in the ICU.

I don't have much in the way of output expected today. No Patreon, no Wordpress. Therefore, there's a chance I can write a bit more in my novel than I've been able to manage of late.

Still planning to be kind to myself. No pressure. Just go wherever the muse leads me. But first, reading my new book because The Adventure Zone: The Crystal Kingdom. Which I somehow managed to order twice -_-

I will eventually tag up to 2015 so help me... Thinking hard about enlisting someone else to share the task of tagging 3K+ stories.


In the news:

  • Olympics continues to be shitty to the athletes competing in it
  • Lockdown extension looming
  • Plague protests continue in Sydney and I'm starting to wish that "being a cockhead" was a jailable offense
  • Another cockhead escaped quarantine in Qld
  • Obama backs down from holding a dangerous public gathering
  • Bitcoin takes a hit
  • Kimm Jong-un spotted sporting an elastoplast on the back of his head
  • Woman dies of vaccine hesitancy
  • Ekka may yet be going ahead anyway. I read this last night, but criminy. Some people are just DENSE

And now... storytime.