Challenge #03090-H182: Baby on Board

A Human toddler is flying for their first time with their parents. They'd never been off-world before and they were excited. The toddler was being brought to a medical facility on a station for a surgical procedure, though as active as they are people would never realize they were sick. With them were several Havenworlders including one who looked for all the world like a large, fluffy, bipedal canine in basic ship's skins. Problem is, the toddler would not stop trying to pet the furry head. The embarrassed parents did their best to teach boundaries. -- Anon Guest

Babies on flights were rarely welcome. They cried at the changes of air pressure, they got sticky, despite their parents' best efforts, and they had yet to learn how to sit still for extended periods of time. Screen toys have helped with this, but only so much. As evidenced by the very small Human Seth as ze was working out hir zoomies.

In the anti-inertia realms of Hyperspace[1], this meant swimming about through the cabin declaring, "Me fishie!" Ze periodically bounced off of bulkheads, laughing as ze slowed to a halt in seeming midair. Or, as ze was doing now, swimming up to an air vent and letting the breeze push hir back along the aisles.

"Okay, Seth. Time for settles," cooed a parental. "No more. We have to sit for transfer, now." He moved to intercept Seth, arms spread wide and ready to snag the child. It was at that moment that things went quickly wrong. A chance movement of a fellow passenger drew Seth's attention to something a child would find irresistible.

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