Monday, Day 0, Crunch Week

Plague news: One new case, an import. Forty-six total cases. Forty of those are in hospital.

Why is this week crunch week? Because I'm doing my streams AND all the regular nonsense of my life as I know it. Yay.

Which includes a shrink visit tomorrow.

Today is household unfuckening and the regular fiction contribution and getting Miss Chaos lined up and ready to roll for first day back at school.

No pressure.

In the news:

  • Soccer
  • Sydney in Plague Hell
  • Virgin Airlines Billionaire goes to space before Amazon Billionaire. Nerny nerny ner ner
  • Aussie PSA about the plague refuses to fuck around and people are outraged
  • Alleged ufo's caught in space station snap. Calling it now -satellites or space junk

Onwards with my nonsense!