Challenge #03066-H143: Could is Not Should

Human: "Excuse me?"

Alliance Member: "Yes?"

Human: "I .. um.... kinda... messed up again."

Alliance Member: "Oh it's you.... OH! You didn't, please not again!?"

Human: "I really thought I could do it this time." The human held their broken arm and looked over at the trees that looked as though something large had just ripped through several of the small branches and leaves.

Alliance Member: "HOW many times do we have to tell you? Stop trying to get to the very top the branches are too thin!"

Human: "I know.. just... I thought I could make it this time."

Alliance Member: Face-palm! -- DaniAndShali

Humans do not easily accept defeat. They have to be trained to it. Spacers, especially, know better than to resign to hopelessness. This can often work to the Humans' detriment, often through their own actions. Such as the instinctual action to climb something very tall.

Humans, descended from arboreal apes, have an innate desire to climb things. Though the instinct is stronger in some than it is in others, it is advised that trained Companions watch out for any Human they see evaluating any tall structure in their general range.

All of this came with sharp recall as Companion Zuuk turned to see Human Ford in the entrance to her personal habitat, one arm cradled carefully in the other, a collection of bruises and lacerations on hir exposed flesh. She had only turned away to fix something for a minute, and Human Ford had gone and done something... silly.

"You did not," sighed Zuuk, her hands already reaching for the emergency medkit. "Not again. Please not again."

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